Candy bar wrapper and other projects

Candy bar wrappers project ideas and other items

Candy wrappers are great for all events and if you want something extra special for your wedding favor or party favor there are a lot of extra things you can do to really dress up them up. They look great by themselves but sometimes people like to add a little personal touch.  You can start by adding a colorful ribbon around the wrapper or add embellishments such as beading and glitter. You can also add a protective plastic sleeve to the wrappers for a real finished look. You can purchase these from us when you place your order. We also have hang tabs so you can hang them on Christmas trees or other items. We also use them to stand them up. See below for several projects ideas.
Candy Bar Wrapper in Damask with white bow
We have added a white bow with this Black and White Damask design to make this very elegant look for this candy bar wrapper.  This is also using the foil pouch and a clear plastic sleeve.
Candy bar wrapper in Damaks with black and white bow
You can also use the Damask candy bar wrapper with a  solid bow or a polka dot bow and ribbon. This will add a unique look your guests will love
Candy bar wrapper hot pink daisy with hot pink bow
To our pink daisy candy bar wrapper design we have added a hot pink bow and hot pink embellishment near the bride and grooms names and date of their wedding.
Candy Bar wrapper Orange and Pink Polka Dots with orange flower
Do you love polka dots? Here is a  project that will add a little whimsy to your wedding favor. We have added a flower with an embellishment in the middle of the flower. Remember we can change the polka dots on to any color you would like.  Just add it in the comments section of the order from.
Candy Bar Wrapper Fall leaves with orange flower
Are you having a fall wedding? Here is a way to add a little more creativity to our very popular fall leaves wrapper. We have added a burnt orange flower with an embellishment in the middle.
Candy bar wrapper with heart charm
On this pretty blue and gray candy bar wrapper, we have added a matching bow and a charm that reads "Love". Grey is the new Black.
 Candy bar wrapper with blue bow and heart
We have added a blue matching bow, crystals on the baby breath and a crystal heart in the corner to this unique one of a kind favor. This can be done in any colors and we have your names and date with your monogram in the background.
Candy bar wrapper with beads
Add some glitter or beading to bring out the "Bling".
candy wrapper with bow and embelishment
Here is another way you can add a matching bow and embellishment
Candy Bar Wrapper with sea shell embelishments
We have added a couple of starfish shaped embellishments to this seashell design
Candy wrapper with hang tag holder
Our hang tags make a great way to stand your candy bars up on a table or surface. Just put the hang tag on sideways on the side of your candy bar. They are made of clear plastic so they are hardly noticeable. Our hang tags are under product code SS-Hook. You only need 1 for each candy bar and the hang tags come with an adhesive backing. Just peel and stick. It is so easy!
Candy Bar Wrapper Projects completed
You don't need to use the same ribbon or embellishments on your candy bar wrappers. Check out your local craft stores, dollars stores and look for sales. Don't be afraid to mix and match your embellishments. You can add bows, flowers, glitter, or a charm. See what you can find on special and be creative and have fun!!!! You can use the same principle on just about all our products.Mentos will look sensational with a flower, bow or charm added. Minis won't be so mini with touch of glitter.
Water bottles will make great decorations with a bow tied around them. Put some water bottles in the ice bucket. (ones that don't have embellishments) and have some placed around the room with ribbons, embellishments or balloons tied to them. Water bottles make a great balloon holder for any occasion. 
If you have any questions please let us know. We are happy to help you! Check back often to our project page we will be having new projects and photos all the time and most of all have fun!